The Kingdoms of Crusaders is two player card game from Rightgames. The box says you can play up to four but you would need another copy of the game. In order to win you must create the most powerful kingdom using soldiers, knights and leaders. The game supposedly takes place during the Crusades and it has nice looking pictures on the cards but it’s mostly an abstract card game.

In the box:

56 Unit Cards – These are what you’ll be using to try and create a bigger and better kingdom than your opponent. Each card has up to five icons showing the grouping of units the card represents. The icons are of ascending power from left to right.

2 Location Cards – Both players lay these out mirroring one another lining up the five sectors. You’ll only play twenty cards per game and four cards per sector. These keep track of how well you’re doing against your opponent in a particular sector.

15 Victory Markers – These are mainly for multiplayer games of more than two.

In the two player game the winner is the one who wins the most territories.

Game Play:

To play you draw a card and play a card on each turn. Your goal is to have the highest number of a single icon in a sector. Here are the possible army squads:

Company – two symbols of the same kind

Battalion – three symbols of the same kind

Regiment – four symbols of the same kind

First you compare Regiments in a sector. The if only one player has a Regiment in a sector they win that sector. In the case of a tie you then see who has the most powerful Regiment. You then do the same thing with Battalions and Company’s. The player who wins the most sectors is the winner.


The box that holds the game is a little flimsy, the cards are on stock that feels a touch too light for heavy use and the broken English on the instructions can be hard to follow in some areas. But even with all those things the game itself is pretty solid. I played quite a few games in one sitting with a friend of mine and after struggling a bit with the rules we flew through a few games and just kept playing while we talked. The Kingdoms of the Crusaders almost reminds me of some of my favorite Knizia two player games like Battleline or Lost Cities. It’s not quite up to that level but it is a solid title and one that I may break out in more casual company.